The Police Reforms Working Group - Kenya is an alliance of national and grassroots organisations committed to professional and rule of law policing. More info can be found on the website of the Independent Medico-Legal Unit

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STATE CULPABILITY IN EXTRA-JUDICIAL EXECUTIONS, TORTURE AND ENFORCED DISAPPEARANCES A CALL TO THE PRESIDENT TO FINISH THE JOB STARTED. In our capacity as the Police Reforms Working Group-Kenya (PRWG-K), our attention has been drawn to the public admission by President William Ruto on Sunday, 16th October 2022, of the government’s culpability and complicity in extra-judicial executions and enforced disappearances. (19 October 2022)

POLITICAL CANDIDATES AND SUPPORTERS MUST STOP RISING INCIDENTS OF VIOLENCE AT THE POLLING AND TALLYING STATIONS. The Police Reforms Working Group, an alliance of 21 human rights organizations, are deeply concerned by the sporadic acts of violence witnessed across the country over the last 48 hours. (11 August 2022)

PRESS STATEMENT BY THE POLICE REFORMS WORKING GROUP – KENYA ON THE BASIC MINIMUM TO GUARANTEE SAFE AND SECURE ELECTORAL ENVIRONMENT IN 2022. We, the Police Reforms Working Group – Kenya, comprising of human rights organizations, legal entities, social justice centers, women organizations, security sector reforms associations, pressure groups as well as youth entities, having met in Mombasa from Sunday 17th to Wednesday 20th October, 2021, to consider the state of security vis a vis the upcoming 2022 general elections, do hereby issue the following statement in consideration of what was discussed and agreed.. (20 October 2021)

THE POLICE REFORMS WORKING GROUP-KENYA CONDEMNS THE DEATHS IN POLICE CUSTODY OF SIBLINGS BENSON AND EMANUEL NJIRU WITHIN THE JURISDICTION OF MANYATTA POLICE STATION. We, the Police Reforms Working Group-Kenya condemn the deaths in police custody of 22 and 19-year-old siblings, Benson Njiru Ndwiga and Emanuel Marura Ndwiga after they were arrested by police officers in Kithangari Village in Embu County on 1st August 2021 – for allegedly violating curfew orders. (5 August 2021)

A POLICE SERVICE GONE ROGUE: TORTURE, EXTRA JUDICIAL KILLINGS AND ENFORCED DISAPPEARANCES. We, the Police Reforms Working Group-Kenya (PRWG-Kenya), are alarmed and utterly dismayed by the illegal arrest, detention, and killing of Collins, a youth from Mathare in Nairobi County on 29th April 2021. (2 May 2021)

ALARM OVER CRIMINALITY WITHIN THE SECURITY SECTOR. The Police Reforms Working Group has taken note of a documentary aired on Citizen TV on April 18th 2021 christened “Guns Galore”. (19 April 2021)

THE RETURN OF THE DARK DAYS: ODPP WITHDRAWAL OF CASE AGAINST 15 POLICE OFFICERS AND 6 COUNTY ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS. The Police Reforms Working Group (PRWG-K) dismayed and shocked by the manner in which the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) has treated the case (Cr No. CR/E043/21) of the 15 police officers and 6 county enforcement officers who were involved in an incident in Nambale Sub County. (2 February 2021)

"Imperatives for policing transformation: an initial response to Building Bridges Initiative Implementation Road Map" by the Police Reforms Working Group Kenya (30 October 2020).