The PBI Kenya team is based in Nairobi. It is supported by coordinators through a variety of tasks, such as advocacy, finance, and fundraising.

PBI Kenya and its HRD partners carry out public relations and outreach activities with national governments around the world, the EU and UN institutions, and other stakeholders, through speaker tours, (joint) advocacy initiatives and through PBI country groups in different parts of the world.


Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Policy

At PBI we believe all people have the right to live their lives free from sexual harassment and abuse, sexual violence, bullying, exploitation and any abuse of power regardless of age, gender, sexuality, disability, religion or ethnic origin. PBI will not tolerate its employees, volunteers, consultants, partners or any other representatives associated with the delivery of its work carrying out any form of sexual harassment, abuse or exploitation.

PBI has a Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) Policy that guides us. If PBI receives a complaint about a partner organisation, PBI will expect the partner to respond quickly and appropriately. If there is reason to believe that an allegation of abuse has been dealt with inappropriately by a partner then they risk withdrawal of accompaniment, other support, funding or ending the relationship (including networks and consortia).