Naomi Speaker Tour

PBI-Kenya board chairperson Naomi Barasa during a speaker tour in the UK

Naomi Barasa, renowned woman human rights defender and winner of the Henry Brooke award has made an indelible impact on the human rights scene with her advocacy and teamwork during a brief speaker tour in the United Kingdom from 4th-7th December, 2023.  Naomi engaged in a series of impactful meetings and events, amplifying the voices of grassroots human rights defenders and strengthening international networks.

Strategic Engagements:

Naomi's tour kicked off with her participation in the Westminster Hall for the Human Rights Day Event organized by PBI and the UK All- Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on human rights, strategically followed by personalized emails to Members of Parliament, urging them to share their experiences and photos on social media. The result was a heightened online presence, with Naomi's advocacy resonating across digital platforms.

Exploring Partnerships:

A pivotal meeting at Womankind Worldwide's offices to discuss possible collaborations and financing options for grassroots organizations. The team explored potential collaborations and funding avenues thereby laying groundwork for significant projects in the upcoming months.

The tour facilitated discussions with Kate Fanning (PBI UK), shedding light on critical funding opportunities within existing networks for grassroots organizations in Kenya. This insightful conversation has opened doors for potential funding engagements in the near future.

International Collaboration:

A civil society roundtable at the brought together representatives from diverse organizations. Follow-up efforts by PBI UK included event summaries and tweets, contributing to the ongoing dialogue about the importance of funding grassroots initiatives and adapting reporting methods to partner needs.

Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office Engagement:

Naomi's interaction with the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO) during their Human Rights Day event set the stage for potential collaborations. Follow-up efforts are underway to explore engagements with FCDO representatives in the New Year, fostering international collaboration.

Social Media Impact:

The tour's success was further magnified by a robust social media presence, featuring Naomi's work and highlighting the vital role of grassroots human rights defenders in Kenya. The online visibility not only elevated Naomi's profile but also brought attention to the broader efforts of PBI UK and PBI Kenya.

Strengthening International Networks:

The tour yielded a strengthening of Naomi's international support network, with follow-up emails solidifying connections with representatives from international NGOs and philanthropic organizations. This network forms a crucial foundation for future collaborations and advocacy efforts.

In summary, Naomi's UK speaker tour served as a platform for advocacy, a change-catalyst, and an example of the strength of teamwork. These interactions will have an international effect, advancing grassroots movements and the cause of human rights around the world.

The Speaker tour was part of a project supported by Protect Defenders. EU.

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