In October, ten HRDs from the Social Justice Centres (SJCs) participated in a Training of Trainers (ToT) on community organizing. The participants are experienced community organizers from various SJCs in Nairobi. This particular training helped them to improve their skills in analyzing the community's situation with fellow community members and seeking solutions together. After the ToT, the participants conducted short training sessions in Mabatini, Dandora, Komarock and Kamukunji to pass knowledge and skills on community organizing to the members of the Social Justice Centres. The purpose of these sessions was to share gained knowledge and skills with other HRDs and for the ToT participants to gain experience in training on this topic. The knowledge acquired is not limited to interacting or consumed by the SJCs alone; it will trickle down to all community members. Sixty HRDs were reached through this process.

Training of Trainers on community organizing. Photo by Javan The Poet.