PBI Kenya, together with other PBI entities and the members of the Social Justice Centres Working Group held a virtual speaker tour between 20th November to 10th Dec 2021. The speaker tour addressed the following issues with the UN officials, foreign governments, international NGOs, and fellow HRDs from other countries: violations of freedom of peaceful assembly, extrajudicial killings, the 2022 general elections and the safety of HRDs.

The virtual speaker tour this year 'went' to Switzerland (including the United Nations in Geneva), the United Kingdom, and Germany. PBI Switzerland published this article (in French) about the forced evictions in the urban settlement Mukuru, and the upcoming general elections, on their website.

Faith Kasina, a convenor of Kayole Community Justice Centre, said the following after concluding the virtual speaker tour. ‘’Personally, I feel there’s goodwill from the international community regarding our human rights work. Them acknowledging our work makes me feel that I am not alone in the struggle, I feel supported and encouraged to keep soldiering on in the struggle for a socially just nation.’’